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Completing my wafu deck is the current top priority.

I know this look awful, I'll clean it up later i promise.

◄ Colors tcg
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◄ player
Player; Rainkyou
Join Date; December ✩ 16
Card Count; 57 ✩ 43 to next level
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None so Far
◄ collecting
Wafu ► 05/20 Parents ► 06/20

◄ special
AllStars ► 01/20

◄ future collection
◄ future future collection
◄ cards to keep
◄ crayons

◄ up for trade
◄ pending
hold ► zero certs ► zero
none at the moment x00 x00 x00
◄ trading terms
If you have a Card I don't have that is part of a deck that I am collecting or will collect in the future I will gladly take it in exchange for a card i am offering for trade
◄ Trading log
Gave Gradius Occidental06 as a gift 12-17-13
recieved Diariumejus10 from Gradius as a gift 12-17-13
Traded rafflesia06 to Utsuwa for Crusher08 12-20-13
recieved fishcakes01 as a gift from Utsuwa 12-20-13
Traded puns17 to Kuranosuke for parents10 12-20-13
Traded cleanfreak13 to estamir for Yoshinon07 12-20-13
Traded steals14 to Kyousuke for small01 12-20-13
Traded futuresight04 to dialny for Parents17 12-21-13

Recieved Tenshi05 from Points as a gift. 1-2-14
Traded across18 to aaveplsgo for wafu10 1-2-14
Traded Cranes07 to Headset for Otomeroad07. 1-2-14